Injection Moulding Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts available for all injection moulding machines regardless of age.
Next day delivery from UK and International stock.

Genuine Injection Moulding Machine Spare Parts

Using our trusted network of suppliers, we have access to genuine injection moulding machine spare parts at the best prices, with quick delivery. Parts can either be shipped to site to be fitted by your on-site team or IMM can attend site to expertly fit parts at your convenience.

We have a large stock of Sandretto spare parts and FCS spare parts in the UK, Italy, Germany and Taiwan available for next day delivery keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Scope of supply includes mechanical toggle pins, bushes, tie bars, drive shafts, plasticising screw and barrel assemblies, screw tip assemblies and hydraulic pistons/cylinders. Available for all ranges of Sandretto and FCS moulding machines including SD, SD-SV, Series 7, Series 8, Nove T, Nove S , Nove HP and MT-MTES machines.

Genuine spare parts supplied as well as alternative solutions for obsolete parts no longer available from the original manufacturer.

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