Injection Moulding Machines

Fast Cycle Injection Moulding Machine – Series AH-AF: 30~800


High speed, fast cycle injection moulding machine with accumulator for thin walled products

High injection speed and fast response

A new single injection cylinder design achieves synchronization and gives excellent injection stability suitable for high injection speeds


Hydraulic motor is mounted on the framework and does not move with the reciprocating injection screw. This reduces the inertia and promotes a fast response (70ms) and stability in injection moulding phase.


With high response accumulators, the maximum injection speed rate of 300 mm/sec can be achieved for the moulding thin-walled containers.


High repeatability and stability

AH Series uses VickerĀ® high response close-loop servo valve for maintaining repeatability and precise control of the holding pressure.


Rigid and durable machine structure

Enhanced rigidity of clamping system, reduces deformation and gives uniform operation


Optimization of toggle dimensions

The optimal toggle dimensions are calculated by Genetic Algorithms


Smooth operation of mold open and close functions.


Reduced toggle loading and wear on toggle bushes.