Injection Moulding Machines

Servo Injection Moulding Machine – Series HT-SV: 30~750


Cost effective, low energy servo injection moulding machine giving outstanding performance and value for money

Low Energy / Cost Effective

Under optimal working conditions, power consumption is 40% less than that of variable displacement pump and 70% less than that of fixed displacement pump, giving significant savings over older technology.

High precision

Precise control of low pressure and low flow operation, repeatability of less than 0.5%. Product weight variation is 0.4%~0.7%, with semi-close loop system.

Fast response

Servo gearshift dynamic control system is equipped with high precision pressure feedback device, giving close-loop precision control each cycle.

Low noise level

Servo pump working only when demand is required, giving reduced noise levels of ≦70dB assisting with compliance of factory noise levels.

Low oil temperature rise