Injection Moulding Machines

Multipower H/HE Injection Moulding Machine

MULTIPOWER is a highly innovative product that combines optimal versatility and high performance with maximum energy savings over 50%.

Available in the range from 50 to 800 tons, Multipower is based on a mixed technology of drives, hydraulic and electric systems, targeted to provide maximum performance with minimum power consumption.

The injection movement is based on a rotary piston, hydraulically balanced with accumulators without any thrust bearings. This is the most complex movement of the machine and it determines the quality of the moulded product. A servo valve (Moog) provides closed loop control of speed, pressure and backpressure thus ensuring optimal conditions even for the more sophisticated mouldings. A pump located under the injection unit, with internal gear driven by an electric motor of a very small size, provides for the recharge of the accumulators. Once the required level has been reached, the motors shuts off to minimize power consumption. The charging cycle of the accumulator is controlled by an inverter, thus maximizing the efficiency of the system. This procedure achieves speed and performance otherwise impossible and extremely precise control of a holding pressure and adjustment according to the characteristics of the moulded product, while at the same time reducing the consumption of energy. This gives the overall advantage of reliability, high performance, high precision and energy savings.

The screw rotation of the screw is operated by a Baumüller electric motor – “torque” type, directly connected to the screw. This brushless motor with high torque and low rpm, eliminates the negative return of belt and gear reduction systems. The water cooled motor is operated by an inverter drive that only uses the energy required by the plasticizing screw during dosing phase. It also allows overlapping of all movements.


The mechanical structure of the clamping unit is characterized by a 5-point double toggle with steel links and special bronze bushings and a multiple point lubrication system with programmable cycles and safety devices. Clamp operation is performed by high performance hydraulic cylinder.


The opening/closing movement is performed by an electromechanical axis that exploits a ball screw. The rotation of the system is provided by a brushless motor specially designed with a hollow shaft installed directly on axis. The motor, developed in cooperation with Moog, provides the system with torque and speed that result in a very fast and precise mould movement, perfectly controlled in acceleration and braking. At the same time it ensures an excellent control of “mould safety”. The lubrication of the ball screw is entrusted to a special pump, with recovery of lubrication oil. The water cooled motor is also monitored by thermal sensors that control and ensure the optimal temperature of the whole system


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