Injection Moulding Machines

Multipower SP Injection Moulding Machine

The hydraulic system is a servo pump design with the aim of promoting significant energy savings (Hybrid Energy Saving). The hydraulic system is extremely simple ensuring high reliability and easy ongoing maintenance. A servo motor drives a high performance gear pump. The entire system is controlled by an inverter drive with a dedicated software that allows a rotation speed of the motor from 0 to 3000 revolutions / minute with an extremely high acceleration gradient. The system can also read the output pressure generated and control the motor, therefore maintaining the pressure exactly at the set value. This combination of P/Q control and the exceptional high dynamics of the motor generates the power necessary for the real performance of the machine without introducing the well-known pressure losses of traditional hydraulic systems. This technology allows measurable energy savings between 30% and 60% and, most important, the limited quantity of oil in the hydraulic line is not subject to overheating. The cooling system, of reduced dimensions, is activated only when necessary. Not least, the noise of the system remains below 60 db.

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